Apart from Training,we offer so many Citizen centric services too.Our Computer Lab is facilitated with high speed Broad Band Wireless internet connectivity. It helps lots of employees and students get updated and connected with their relatives and friends who live -out of state and abroad. For Project works and assignment, most of the students are depending this centre as it is a One Stop Spot for all the ICT needs.

As LEARN is an AKSHAYA CENTRE[Govt of Kerala] and a Common Service Centre under Natinal E governance Plan-Govt of India,it also helps the rural peoples to reach the most advanced media of the world and get all the computer based service in an affordable rate as computerization program is going on  both private and government sector.

As an Akshaya Common Service Centre, we have started:

o    E-District-   to provide Government services to citizens through Common Service Centers(CSC) which are easily accessible.

o    E payment,- Facility to pay Phone, Electricity, Water bills, Motor Vehicle Department payments, and University fees online through our centre.

o    E Filing-,        -It is to help merchants or individuals to pay their TAX returns online.

o    E-ticketing   –People can book Bus,Flight,Train tickets with a nominal fee